Webinar organised by Izertis and Alastria has a large number of participants in Spain

Tomorrow, May 20, a videoconference will be held in Spain that has been called a round table, in which great exponents of blockchain technology will be present.

The webinar will take place at 12:00 hrs and it is expected that companies such as Jorge Ordovás the Co-Director of blockchain of Telefónica; Jaume Castanyer (IT Architect) of IBM; José Mínguez (Head of Innovation Market Iberia) of Endesa; Valentín G. Souto (Chief Innovation and External Outreach Officer) of Bizkaia Lantik; Alberto G. Toribio (Head of Blockchain Products of Bankia) for Bankia; Miguel Palacio (Hazitek Project Manager) for Petronar; and Richard Villaverde (CIO) of Capsa Food are participating in the event.

The meeting is being organized by the technology company Izertis and Alastria. Izertis is a company that has already offered real solutions to Blockchain cases in Spain, and others that are still under development.

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Alastria is a nonprofit organization that brings together companies in Spain, aimed at implementing the digital economy and the democratization of the blockchain, has many associations a Bitcoin Future – Crypto Genius – Bitcoin Method – Bitcoin Lifestyle – Bitcoin Gemini T that is already in operation. Alastria currently has at least 44 use cases deployed by partners, with a diversity of applications in sectors such as fintech, real estate, transport and logistics, document management and certification, agrifood, health, human resources, NGOs and education, among others.

This conglomerate of companies represented by Alastria demonstrates that Spain wants to be at the forefront of adopting blockchain technologies in an efficient manner, and for this reason webinars such as this one are the space to promote the implementation of these new technologies.

Coronavirus Effects

Izertis, for its part, is a technology company that firmly believes that the blockchain is a solution that should be used immediately. The pandemic showed that many of the employers were not prepared to switch to teleworking, and therefore the employees were less prepared.

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Many of the transactions that generate a business can be done on a network, and out of ignorance or disbelief if you like, blockchain networks are not implemented. And the fact is that human nature indicates that we fear what we do not know or understand; hence the importance of events such as these, experts must express in simple and straightforward terms the basic concepts of technology, and with this, make more followers every day.

The great acceptance and confirmed seats that the Webinar has had has meant that journalists will be able to ask their questions on a regular basis, but any press questions that remain unanswered during the event can be requested through the email address that appears in this call, and will be returned as soon as possible.

Training in blockchain technology arouses interest in Spain

Recently Victor Gonzalez, Head of DX Tech Services at Izertis, in an interview with Estrategias de Inversión, commented on the implementation and interest of the blockchain:

„…we hope that Spain will continue to lead in this type of initiative because our country is a pioneer in blockchain technology and is very well positioned internationally; in Spain we have a very powerful ecosystem with leading companies like Izertis. And finally, as a result of the scenario created by the pandemic we are suffering from, we see that the application of this technology in the health sector, where we see an increasing interest, is going to accelerate considerably“.

Tomorrow’s Webinar seeks to promote this implementation and that is why the massive participation that the event has is important, which promises a new perspective of blockchain implementation in Spain.